Terriscope EURL, founded by Thomas Bonfort, specializes in the support and development around the MapServer software suite.

I'm one of the main developpers of the MapServer project and as such can provide the following services:

  • Custom Development: Do you need a new functionality MapServer does not support yet ? Terriscope will take you through the steps of formalizing your need so it can become a generic component ready to be included in the core. For non-trivial developments, this comprises the creation and promotion of a MapServer RFC, writing and integration of the code, and creation of automatic tests to ensure your feature is supported in the long run.

  • Assistance: Are you stuck on a difficult problem, or do you want to make sure you're making the right choices from the start on a complex infrastructure ? You can hire me to apply my broad experience of setting up MapServer architectures to your specific use-case.

  • Support: Found a bug that need fixing, or want a no-hassle bundle of assistance hours? Get in touch so we can work something out.


Check out my GitHub for more.



thomas bonfort My name is Thomas Bonfort, I'm a core MapServer developer and project steering comitee (PSC) member, and specialize in custom development and support around the MapServer solutions.

I have a PhD in applied mathematics and computer science, and have been heavily invested around MapServer development since then, until becoming a de-facto maintainer nowadays.

When I'm not hacking on code or trying to help out on the mailing lists, I mostly enjoy travelling, skiing and canyoning.


TerriScope is my consulting company, setup as a EURL (basically a LLP in the US, or Pvt. Ltd. in the UK) in Toulouse, France.


Contact me to see how we can work together.

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or by email,

tbonfort at terriscope.fr

PGP: 00DE 1989 C1AB 378E F5D4 9DF5 4234 B7C3 C2CF 5E45